We developed a special packing for sublimated products:
- The inner material is human friendly food-grade polyethilene
- The middle material is food-grade aluminium (stainless steel foil optionally)
- The outer material is polyamide (polyimide optionally)

Sublimated apples freeze dried Sublimated cabbage freeze dried Sublimated peas freeze dried
Sublimated ice cream freeze dried Freeze drying carrot sublimation Freeze drying pear sublimation
Packing of sublimated product


We developed a special packing for sublimated products
The packing may be customized (incl. size) and branded

Sublimated ice cream

Triple Point

The quality of sublimation depends on maintaining the quality of Low Pressure – it must stay under the Triple Point to keep Ice to Vapor transition and avoid Ice to Water and Water to Vapor transitions.

Freeze drying sublimation power consumption

Power consumption

The mode of the sublimating chamber may be adjusted in wide range:
- from focus on Power economy
- to focus on Maximum quality of the sublimated product

European components for food sublimation chambers

European Components

All system components, such as sensors, pumps, vacuum gauges, refrigeration units, are made in Europe by Europeans (Germany, France, Slovenia).